“We need a new logo”

G'day Frank
9 min readNov 8, 2022

A common request for a branding designer to receive from a business owner.

“G’day Frank! Mate, we were referred to you by X Client after we saw you did a bit of work with them and we’ve also seen what you can do after having a squiz at your website. We’re in need of a new logo to be designed for our business, just to update our bits and pieces and shouldn’t be a big job. Are you free to help us?”

I think every designer since the advent of business practices in the ancient days of Egyptian pharaohs has probably had a similar request. I know I have and I’d bet my Mac Studio computer that one fellow branding person a day would receive this request somewhere in the world.

Of course, it’s a completely reasonable request as most will only see the logo as the key identifier when a competitor or other business changes its logo, prompting a change in their own business.

So the answer is “Absolutely, we can certainly design a logo for your business”. Be it for a fresh change, a point of growth, a new venture or you simply hate the basic logo you had made via an online logo generator.

And that’s usually where the conversation ends. The budget lands anywhere between $10 and $500. A pretty logo gets made… now what?

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Think about this (no matter if you’re a business owner or a branding person), how big of an impact does your logo really have on its own?

I’m talking just a logo, nothing else going with it apart from the product, service or the people that represent your business.

The impact a logo has on its own:

✅ Yep, it can help consumers easily recognise your business.

✅ And it might illustrate the personality or type of business you have.
(eg. you’re a plumber and you have a dripping tap in your logo — it’s a bit…



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