The impact branding has on a tech investor pitch

You may have a product that is going to change the world. That will one day see you on a stage in front of thousands of people all waiting to hear about your new product. But is that all an investor wants to hear about in your startup Seed round pitch? Spoiler Alert: Nope.

Woah indeed, fellas
Yep, it’s Gary Vee (Gary Vaynerchuck) 😱


Keep this in mind.

An investor is typically far more focused on recognising the effort put into building a business and a brand, than understanding the specifications or technical nature of what was put into making the product or service.

Understandably they may have been drawn to your product from and emotional or personal interest. However, they do also want to know what’s in it for them in the return for their investment. Along with what you’ve done to make it a sound investment beyond the product itself.

Because at the end of the day, they’re not just investing in the product, they’re also investing in you.

So presenting a business case I’m sure makes total sense, but why does an established ‘brand’ make such an impact on a pitch like this?

Also, keep this in mind too.

I mentioned earlier that an investor wants to know what’s in it for them. They want to know that you are thinking of them at every step of the way of your presentation, rather than yourself and your business’ success.

The obvious way of showing added attention to their needs is their financial ROI. But if you go beyond that you’ll start to also consider there is a big fat opportunity on the table to “WOW” them on a personal level.

By that I mean, how can you tailor your presentation to that one individual to let them know they are being thought of and carefully considered to understand their needs and interests? Personalisation is the key to your presentation. This in itself would require a whole other article, but make sure you have a deep dive think about:

How can I create a memorable, bespoke experience that will not only delight, but get them thinking and get them talking once I leave the room?

So as a tech startup, my multi-million dollar question to you is…

Double “Woah”.

But don’t forget this.

All this effort to create a brand is not only for your first pitch to investors in the Angel/Seed round. It should have been there way before then as it’s what will have gotten your business the attention it has and the attention it recieves from that investor.

But here’s the kicker, that ROI I spitballed... Yeah, that’s just for the Seed round. Think about what your established brand will also do for you in the long run when you reach Series A to D rounds and even IPO. What will that ROI on investing in your brand at the startup level be if you reach that success?

The value of branding is not only placed on what your brand is worth today, but also the problem it solves to achieve its potential impact and value into the future.

This article is part of a series I’m calling, innovatively, the “Branding Impact Series”. Purely to demonstrate the impact and value branding has on the success of a business. Stay tuned for more!



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