The impact branding has on a tech investor pitch

You may have a product that is going to change the world. That will one day see you on a stage in front of thousands of people all waiting to hear about your new product. But is that all an investor wants to hear about in your startup Seed round pitch? Spoiler Alert: Nope.

Woah indeed, fellas
Yep, it’s Gary Vee (Gary Vaynerchuck) 😱


So what does an investor want to see from a business?

  • A well-structured business model that also considers the future
  • Current revenue (hopefully positive & growing)
  • Future financial & sales projections
  • Current market size and future growth opportunities into new markets or territories
  • The current and future needed team
  • What your business potentially needs in capital to grow
  • Positive track record (eg. no prior failed startups, especially ones that failed after investments were made)
  • Protected Intelectual Property (IP) that is trademarked/patented (if possible)
  • Roadmap for liquidity (ie. investment returns) stages for investors
  • A clear exit strategy to take their Return On Investment (ROI) and relinquish their equity stake.

How about from a Brand perspective?

  • An established name
  • A clear brand/marketing strategy for now and into the future
  • Defined and already engaged target market
  • Known market presence and market share
  • Brand values and mission
  • A strong, memorable and consistent brand identity
  • Consumer trust and advocacy (beyond family & friends)

Keep this in mind.

So presenting a business case I’m sure makes total sense, but why does an established ‘brand’ make such an impact on a pitch like this?

  1. You’re playing an infinite game

Also, keep this in mind too.

So as a tech startup, my multi-million dollar question to you is…

Double “Woah”.

But don’t forget this.



G’day I’m Frank, a brand identity designer from Sydney, Australia

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G'day Frank

G’day I’m Frank, a brand identity designer from Sydney, Australia