G'day! My first name is Reagan but you can call me Frank for short (it's my middle name and also both my grandfather's name). I'm a dad, husband, podcaster, speaker, mentor and Star Wars fanboy with over a decade of experience as a designer and brand consultant.

Established in 2018, G'day Frank is a brand consultancy based in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney Australia. Run by myself and my wife, Samantha.

Every fortnight (since the beginning of 2022) I'm publishing an article here on Medium that is 'All about Branding' - a series that goes deep into the value of branding, how to use it and how to establish an effective brand identity that creates 'captivating moments of connection with consumers from clarity'. Which is my way of describing what a brand is and what branding is there to achieve.

I hope you find value from it, no matter if you're a business owner, marketer branding person, designer or if you're just genuinely interested in all things branding and the impact it can make for businesses to be known for more than what it is they sell and become a brand with personality.

To connect with me or say g’day if you'd like to work with me:

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